Saying Goodbye

Knowing when to say goodbye to your family pet is a difficult decision to make.  Here are some tips to help:

1) Does your trusted companion who used to never leave your side spend time hiding or may even nip/bite at you or your children?

2) Is your previously house-trained pethaving several accidents daily?

3) Are you having to give your previously healthy pet multiple medications daily just to keep him or her somewhat comfortable?

4) Are you often worried if your pet is in constant pain?

If yes was the answer to these questions, it may be coming time to say goodbye.  Dr. Bean knows the enormity of this decision and will examine your pet and ease your mind on what action is in your four-legged family member's best interest.  

Dr. Bean can provide transportation for you pet for cremation.

Feel free to call Dr. Bean to answer any questions regarding this service.